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AAKAAR FILMS is a premier company that provides complete film production services in India. Set up in 1997 by Anu Radha, the company specializes in not just film production but also film making – skillfully handling the entire gamut of activities – including creative, production, marketing, business development and promotion through events.

Having made films for almost 15 years, our creative expertise includes ideation, research and script writing. We believe that success of any project is based on intensive research – a methodology that has enabled us to develop concepts & proposals for Business Development for all our projects.

We have been producing documentaries with the best Indian crews in the film business. Being empanelled with various important ministries to Government of India, we have built a strong network of relationships with the central and state governments for production. Our strengths are financial planning and negotiations, team building and management, project research and execution. We specialize in government networking and coordination- liaising, sponsorship and permissions.

Our team’s background in advertising equips us with the know-how required for planning and managing promotional events.

Indian Film Industry Luminaries

In the one and half decades since its inception, the AAKAAR FILMS team has worked with several luminaries from the Indian film industry.

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