Case Study – Crisis Management

May 2, 2012

FordCLIENT: Ford (‘FIGO’ Car Launch)

SERVICE: Event Coordination

The struggle to be in the “good books” of a client; to deliver better than the contract; to meet timelines with an efficient output… these are the perfect dreams of any vendor. Especially when the client is an International brand such as FORD!

Ford decided to launch their new brand Ford Figo in New Delhi, the capital of India. An event for which international coordinators had been flown in from Hong Kong and AAKAAR FILMS was playing a miniscule, but an important role. Besides, AAKAAR FILMS has a policy that no role is ever small. There was other detailing that we were dealing with, of logistics, of networking to needs of the coordinators – the main job consisted of getting the gift boxes made with blue coverings and FORD LOGO printed – in 5 days!

The measurements were given; the coverings made, boxes ordered, and silver printing of the logo finalized… but 5 days & 200 boxes! My vendor (as always) confirmed that I had some problem with my grey cells to commit such a precision quality fabricating job in such few days! Well, days turned into more days, with no nights in-between.

Finally, I had the sample (well, with 100 boxes already in print) in my hands on the third evening (the launch was on the fifth evening) – excited at my expected delivery before deadline, I took the sample (looked beautiful with blue & silver – so I thought!) to the client.

The bombshell dropped!

The logo was slightly bigger than the original logo! In a Logo… even a thread difference… made a big difference!
Where had I gone wrong? Well, the vendor, in his hurry, had committed the disaster. The client was feeling upset and disappointed, BUT… I had made a promise! The delivery would be done. On the fifth morning. I still had 36 hours.

There was not a minute to catch our breath. The covers of the boxes were changed, logo re-printed, more hands hired… and delivery made on 5th day by forenoon!

So, we had smiles, accolades and much cheer in the greenroom.

Another battle had been won.

Buzz at the Launch

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