BBC World Service Trust (New Delhi)

March 23, 2012

BBC World Service Trust

The NGO arm of BBC World has been effectively doing media campaigns on social issues in India. Focusing on HIV-AIDS and awareness, Anu Radha have been involved as a Consultant for production of their television spots for Northern India. It also involved marketing, sponsorship and networking with Government broadcasters and agencies of Government of India, as well as the State Government bodies involved in policy decisions.

AAKAAR FILMS has also coordinated the event & press at the launch of a new series “Jasoos Vijay” for BBC World Service Trust’s project on HIV/AIDS awareness(2005), for which we liaised with high level officials in the Indian Government, Doordarshan & Media. We also handled the coordination of the Press Conference & coverage of Spot Campaigning on HIV-AIDS for BBC World Service Trust in Rajasthan (2003).

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