Ideation and Research

Ideation and Research

IdeationWhat sets apart a ‘run-of-the-mill’ film from a ‘well-made’ one?

A film may have a great concept at its core but unless that idea has been developed well, thoroughly researched and articulated clearly, the final outcome can be bland, uninteresting and even confusing. And here is where AAKAAR FILMS outshines most others. We know the criticality of the ideation process and the value of researching a subject completely – and we don’t cut covers in doing both.

researchEvery film project that we have been involved in has received the same seriousness and diligence from us and the results show. AAKAAR FILMS has thus been the recipient of copious praise and recurring assignments from both national (government) and international organizations.


Watch some of our documentaries that called for extensive research and creative ideation:

Video - Road Less Travelled: The Pathbreakers
The Pathbreakers
Video - Child Labour in India
Child Labour in India
Video - The Hand Knotted Splendour
The Hand Knotted Splendour
Video - Cinema With A Purpose
Cinema With A Purpose

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