Logistical Support




Through our connections with people in different places and our experience acquired through one and a half decades of work, we can arrange local participation be it people-to-people participation, local authorities, government and non-government agencies or technical and non-technical production support, for smooth progression of work.



We provide customized transportation solutions to foreign filmmakers for filming in India. Whatever be your transportation requirements, we have a solution. All our vehicles are clean, well kept, highly reliable, efficient, and are perfectly suitable for the transportation requirements in India. Additionally, all our vehicles are driven by very experienced and multilingual drivers.

You have the option to rent on a daily basis or over a period of time. You can also choose cars with or without drivers. You can choose from – Cast and crew trailers, Vanity vans, Production and multi-purpose trailers, Small cars, Limousines/ executive sedans for the cast of the movie, Vintage cars, Sports cars, Buses, 4×4 vehicles for rough terrains and charter planes and helicopter for celebrities and high profile crew members.



After a hectic day of shooting the crew and the cast members invariably look forward to having good food and a good night sleep. From a filmmaker’s point of view, the need of hygienic food and a good night sleep can’t be stressed enough. By taking care of his team, a filmmaker can ensure high productivity and a great filming experience.

Over the years, we have developed good business relations with the leading accommodation providers in India. We can provide you with the best accommodation at the shortest notice at virtually any place in India for a team of any size and at the most competitive rates. We also make sure that the accommodation is as near as possible to your shooting location so that you can save the traveling time and have a more convenient experience of shooting in India.

We are also experts in meeting the most diverse catering needs. Although Indian cuisine in itself is renowned for its variety, taste, and uniqueness; if your have specific cuisine requirements, our European caterers will make sure that you feel absolutely at home. In addition to the catering service at your accommodation, we would be happy to provide you delicious and hygienic food at any outdoor location on your request.

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