Team and Financial Management

Team and Financial Management



As film-makers we understand the importance of having technically sound, professional film crew members – be it a movie, a commercial, or a documentary. Crew members may remain behind the scenes but they are key to the success of any production. We can help you find, shortlist and select the most suitable professionals – people who have worked on prestigious projects before. Hiring local crew has multiple benefits – they charge less than their foreign counterparts and are also easily accessible, you don’t have to spend on airfare to bring your own crew from your home country. Additionally, most of the crew members provided by us are well versed with English, French, Italian, and Spanish.



Carrying film equipment overseas is inconvenient and cumbersome, and also entails high costs to the filmmaker in the form of transportation as well as custom duties. We can arrange for the perfect film equipment solution for you, whether you require Cameras and camera lenses, Lights, Grips, Audio Equipment, Stands, Communication Devices or any other high-end equipment. With us, you can enjoy shooting without the worry of transporting equipment from your country custom clearances.



We have been working in the field of film production in India for quite some time now and have expertise in handling all kinds of equipments both at the seaports and at the airports. It is not only the import of equipments that we help you with, but also the return of the equipment back to your country once the shoot is completed. We arrange for quick customs clearance, take care of the preparation of documents and their submission, calculation of taxes, duties, and excises on your behalf, and the facilitation of communication between you and the government authorities. The result is swift, easy, fool-proof and hassle-free custom clearance.



A big collection of props and costumes ensures that the filmmaker does not have to compromise with the look and essence of the movie. However, during outdoor shoots it is not always possible for any filmmaker to carry the required props and costumes. With the help of our partners, we can make available a large collection of props and costumes for your shooting needs matching every situation and script.



We also provide services like location scouting in major cities of India to find the perfect location for your filming project. With us you can rest assured of professional and highly affordable services for filming in India. For any kind of film project, all we need from you is the detailed requirements and storyboards, and we will help you with finding the perfect Location and Cast.



We also help identify important Government, corporate heads, spokespersons and other “unattainable” people that are required according to the script, and facilitate meetings and interviews with them. See photographs of some of the luminaries that we have worked with.

All of the above are organized and coordinated in a way that helps complete the project in the best time and team schedule possible, thus reducing financial encumbrance of the project.

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