April 11, 2012

Compromise & AdjustmentCOMPROMISE and ADJUSTMENT – The two most dis-empowering words

Life’s meandering paths at every “cross” bring forth two words within lengthy dominating statements – “You must compromise if peace is to be maintained”, or “You will need/must learn to adjust with people/family/circumstances…” (Do not miss the “You” – always pointed at the woman or those men who have a feminine or passive approach towards life.)

Of course, that is the only approach and semblance of sanity. Is it? Have we ever asked the “You” whose individuality is being sacrificed at the altar, thus developing a false personality? The “you” that is always burdened under the garb of these good looking words, hiding the ugliness of control and dependency; covering the causal dis-respect to self; inflating the false egos of male-ness existing in the society.

(P.S: “Males”, do not hurt yourself – this finger (whichever it is!) is not pointing to the physicality of your external gender, but to the internal psyche that maybe feminine or masculine).

Why do we so often use the two words “compromise” and “adjustment” as sacrosanct, when its reflection on the human psyche has only resulted in turmoil and regression? If we look within the walls of our emotional self, it is crumbling under the pressure of hypocritical masks that we “choose” to wear for fear of rejection.

The flowering of self empowerment happens when there are no walls, but an open sky – between “us” as a whole; between loving and being; between acceptance and surrender… that is the journey to BE.

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