Empowerment of Truth

April 28, 2012

What is the truth of “TRUTH”? Is it the opposite of lies? LIES.

Truth is when we have the courage and freedom to take the risk of saying things the way they are – about ourselves first and only then to the other. Truth is the challenge of living and empowering ourselves for getting out of the hypocrisy mould of being “ever polite, pleasant or silent” with the pretext of our subconscious mind telling us “it will hurt/spoil my image/create tension with argument” if truth be told.

Truth does not hurt the other – the hurt is because somewhere you have touched the raw nerve of the other’s lie, which s/he may be telling to herself/himself and that which has become a part of her/his “mask”.

Truth is not rudeness. Truth is not being judgemental. Truth is what applies to self, the way it applies to the other.

The human psyche since childhood is adorned with so many masks, that it never reveals its original face. Slowly, we are layered with masks of hypocrisy for survival in this world, where every “other” is revealing a similar mask. Masking our original selves never allows us to really touch the other’s heart and soul; Masking never allows us to bask in the sunshine and warmth of purity of relationships; Masking creates unseen barriers where the faces closest to you remain the farthest.

Masking the Truth

The danger of experiments with truth, where so many masks are being projected, is that you may become isolated and alone, where only fellow travellers are the ones with courage – rare and few, instead of a jungle of “bodies”.

Question – Are you not isolated NOW?

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