I Never Use Condoms.

June 20, 2012

Q. What’s the difference between a man and a condom? 

A: Condoms have changed. They’re no longer thick and insensitive!

Q: Three words to ruin a man’s ego…

A: “Is it in?”


Did you know, that…

  • The federal government of U.S. has spent nearly half a million dollars to fund a study to find out why some men would prefer not to wear condoms during sex.
  • The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, a branch of the National Institutes of Health, has awarded a $423,500 grant to researchers at The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.
  • The Bloomington, Ind., based research team will use the funding to study “barriers to correct condom use,” according to a release from the institute.

In India, it is very “I am a (He) MAN” statement – “I hate wearing condoms”.

Let me in

Look around yourself – the boyfriend/husband/friends boyfriend/son (& you thought you raised a feminist son- wrong!) …the statement remains ditto!

Elaborate reasons?
- Feeling experienced during intercourse is altered – and not for the better
- Physical sensation is simply not the same
- Interruption when a couple is in the ‘heat of the moment’ where you have to change focus to something decidedly unromantic. It breaks the mood.


To be noted: Woman is never the focus! And, never asked!
It is only “me, my pleasure, my heated state”….

The above interactions are not derived from the lower strata of society. It comes very blatantly from the so-called intellectual/urban/middle-upper ma(lea)sses!

It is presumed:

  • that HIV/AIDS is caused only through sex-workers – definition of sex-workers – multiple partners
  • that by definition, all marriages are monogamous – rarely – thus application of “multi-partner”!
  • that my boyfriend/girlfriend is “only mine” – dream-situation – thus application of multi-partner!
  • that only gay sex leads to HIV/AIDS – there would then be no woman/children suffering from it!
  • Last, but not the least – we are beyond the age of producing children – imbecile!

It is only women who “dare to bare” only if they are kept safe, insist on condom usage.
Are YOU one of those empowered women?
Or, Are you a MAN enough?

Then, follow the sensitivity & sensibility of these negotiating powers:

Don’t you trust me? Trust isn’t the point, people can have infections without realising it.
It does not feel as good with a condom I’ll feel more relaxed, If I am more relaxed, I can make it feel better for you.
I don’t stay hard when I put on a condom I’ll help you put it on, that will help you keep it hard.
I am afraid to ask him to use a condom. He’ll think I don’t trust him. If you can’t ask him, you probably don’t trust him.
I can’t feel a thing when I wear a condom Maybe that way you’ll last even longer and that will make up for it
I don’t have a condom with me I do
It’s up to him… it’s his decision It’s your health. It should be your decision too!
I’m on the pill, you don’t need a condom I’d like to use it anyway. It will help to protect us from infections we may not realise we have.
It just isn’t as sensitive and I can’t feel a thing Maybe that way you will last even longer and that will make up for it.
Putting it on interrupts everything Not if I help put it on
I guess you don’t really love me I do, but I am not risking my future to prove it
I will pull out in time Women can get pregnant and get STDs from pre-ejaculate
But I love you Then you’ll help us to protect ourselves.
Just this once Once is all it takes

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  1. Ritu Bhatia says:

    If you find a man willing to use a condom, hang on to him for dear life! Its the first sign that he has any sense of responsibility.

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