Jo Hansi, Woh Phansi…

December 30, 2012

Jo Hansi, Woh Phansi

Jo Hansi, Woh Phansi

(The one (female) who laughs, is the one who can be “caught easily”)

She died today.

And so did I.

I, the WOMEN of INDIA.

I, the WOMEN, who was always told by “MEN” that the following “excites their male-ness…”

  • Talking loud, so that you are heard
  • A physical touch of friendship, as it is “physical”
  • Sitting with legs wide open and big breasts, is “inviting”
  • Clothes that bare, evokes desire to see “more”
  • Laughter, that rings loud & clear Jo hansi, woh phansi…

She had never laughed with them.

She only struggled under the “burden” of six “excited ma(d)le-ness” on her fragile body.

And cried for help.

No one came.

No one picked up her cold, naked body for a very long time.

She died.

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