The NaMo Conversations – My experiments with truth

April 24, 2014

I was excited, nervous but confident.
HE was soft, suave and smiling.
I noticed – we were both wearing white.
HE was THE charisma for me – a small film producer, who was put on an international platform by God’s magic wand, of which HE created the First spell.

HIS voice was deep, effective but not authoritative.
I had, had aeons of experience with bureaucratic “circus” of Government-O-cracy, and hence my grey cells spelt the right words. Publicity, Positive imagery, Perfect relations on an international platform…
Instead, HE shared stories of his land and people; of compassion and warmth offered over years to each human kind; of his belief in humanity that India offered.
HE obliged me with THE PHOTOGRAPH.

I was mesmerized. And, under a spell and awe of HIM.
But, mind had its own question marks.
Then, came the Film Project – and brought problems as never before! I gasped for breath to keep it going against strangest of odds, as there was no turning back on truth.
While many Government-O-cracy supporters of the project buckled in, saving face, HIS officers lent relentless, non-intrusive support (rarest of rare in Government-O-cracy) through one of the most intense and difficult times in this international co-production film.
HE was criticized, ridiculed and put on a cross by the media and law for project support.
HE stood tall and HIS officers told me to fear none.


The NaMo Conversations - My experiments …with TRUTH

INDIA, we have HOPE in this MAN.
Isi liye – Ab ki baar, banao MODI Sarkar.

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