We, The Women

December 30, 2012

We, The Women


The Rape, the Molestation, the Sexual Harassment, the Violence against women…

Great words; Issue-based debatable topics amongst feminists, gender sensitive media & public;
A very “hot topic for discussion” within families in their drawing rooms, as they watch expert debate on Television over “gang – rape of a 23 year old who died, protest march/es, candle light processions and politician – police bashing… blah, blah, blah!”

All very intellectual and progressive.

This is the mask that a very propah and an urbanized society likes to wear in their small corners of walls they call a “home”.

The reality is very ugly and hidden.

In gross violation, women, teenagers and small girls have been molested, touched at uncomfortable places, verbally and physically beaten, abused at some time or the other in their lives – by a Male.

In a subtle violation, women have been dominated & controlled, “arranged” into marriages without much choice, have been given adjectives such as “loose” “aggressive” “hot tempered” …if expressed choice to be free of bondages and live life on own terms – by a Male.

In a more “intellectual violation”, women have been told that they have been “allowed freedom” to choose friends, lovers, a non-conformist way of life, and that, they have “good husbands/fathers/brothers” (especially the first) because they have “never hit us even once”by a Male.

A more gross reality is the fact that, molestation, child-sexual abuse and the rest of it, that happens in the confines of the “home” by a perpetrator who is usually the “family” – uncle, brother, cousin (I will not go lower – to a father, but yes, it is…). If found out, it is discussed in hushed tones, blaming the girl/teenager for “provocation of some sort” (why did he not do the same thing – to be read as ‘molest’ – your other cousin/s & only you?), and in the quickest of move, swiped as dust under the drawing room carpets…

…where today,
discussions are focused on the “other” girl raped (what about me?) …capital punishment for rapist (And, the uncle who molested me?) …laws to be redefined (uncle in the drawing room, footloose?)

“So much hungama over this & roads closed. I had to pick-up the wedding blouse from my tailor….”

Did I hear my mother?

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