The Flag

March 25, 2012

Pride of a nation. A perfect symbol for an integrated country, one as vast and diverse as India.

India has its heartbeat in the grassroot as well as in the traditional modernity with a penchant for patriotism woven into each soul. This is what we caught on camera while creating a different kind of Anthem. Shot across the country, from Central India to extreme South; from the rural West to cultural East, Anthem weaves a story in vignettes of color and vibrancy amongst men and women; young and old; urban and rural.

As the AAKAAR team traversed the length and breadth of the country bearing the Indian Tricolour, the National Flag, we were left spellbound as each of the participants in the film came forward eagerly and held it with pride. Gathering and creating rows of men and women in villages; keeping them sitting or standing still in one position in the hot and sultry sun; directing them to “look into” the camera wherever it travelled – in track & trolley or on a crane; making the children run atop a steep hill slope and then back down again; the 360 degree revolution… it was a journey of thousand smiles that germinated from a small seed of an idea.

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