Album: A Little Poland in India – The Valivade Chapter

A Little Poland in India – The Valivade Chapter (1943 – 48) © Copyright AAKAAR FILMS 2014


Another Home & Land in India (Maharashtra) that gave them protection during World War 2 from 1943 – 1948.


A Little Poland in India – The Valivade Chapter (Indian Epic)



The fate of the Polish children in India is told in a film produced by Anu Radha. The history of Polish children rescued from the Soviet Union over seventy years ago by the Indian Maharajah was screened at its gala premiere on 2 December 2013. The film was a Polish-Indian co-production on the basis of an international agreement on audio-visual cooperation. In the years 1942-46, the Maharajah gave shelter to over two thousand Polish children. Those children were assured medical care, food, clothing, and, above all, an education. Years have passed, but they still remember that Jam Saheb took an interest in their fate and was regarded as a father-figure by many of them. On being asked how could he be rewarded for his generosity, he was to reply: “Call one of the streets in Warsaw after me when Poland is liberated.” Today in Warsaw there is The Good Maharajah Square and a school named after him.

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